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Frequently Asked Questions


How are you able to give a rebate with this free service?
We are paid by the apartment communities a fee for referring you to them which is taken out of their advertising budget. You can be sure that your rent does NOT increase by using our service. You will get the best possible deal.Back to top↑
When can I expect my rebate?
After reporting your lease to us, we will contact the apartment community. Once they have sent out our payment, we will send a check to the address you specified in the Claim Cash form. We usually get paid quickly. In the event that the apartment complex has delayed payment, we will contact you. You can also check on your rebate status within 24 hours of filling out the Claim Cash form. We understand how important it is to you to be updated on your rebate and we are proud to say we are the only Houston Apartment Locator service that allows you to easily check on your rebate. Simply register and click on the Check My Rebate button at the top of the page. Your time is important to us.Back to top↑
What is your rebate policy?
Monthly Rent Cash Paid
$0 - $900 $155.00
$901 -$1600 $205.00
$1601 - $2400 $255.00
$2401 - up $355.00
  • Unlike our competitors, we provide a chart so you know exactly how much to expect.
  • This chart applies to 12 month leases.
  • You may qualify for 50% of the rebate on 6-11 month leases.
  • If you are looking for Section 8 properties, you can still receive a rebate if the community pays a locator commission.
  • You must also report your lease to us within 30 days of moving into your new apartment.
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How can I make sure I get a rebate for using your service.
Be sure to write down Barbara Aquino with H Town Realty on your guestcard and lease application. You must also report your lease to us within 30 days of moving into your new apartment.Back to top↑
I already have an apartment in mind and want to know if I qualify for a rebate.
Please send us the apartment name and we will get you the best possible deal. You must also make sure that Barbara Aquino with H Town Realty is on the guestcard and lease application. If you have already visited the apartment, you can no longer use us as your referral source for that property.Back to top↑
Can you help me with finding a condo instead of an apartment?
Absolutely! We have access to Houston apartments, townhomes, condos, high rises, lofts, and other rental properties.Back to top↑

Your Houston Apartment Rebate

Monthly Rent Cash Paid
$0 - $900 $155.00
$901 -$1600 $205.00
$1601 - $2400 $255.00
$2401 - up $355.00

Note: Rebates listed are for 12 month leases. You qualify for 50% of rebate on 6 month leases.

What to put down on Guestcard and Lease

Houston Aparmtment Guestcard

Why use us as your Houston Apartment Locator?

  • Service is Fast and Free!
  • We pay highest rebate amount
  • Access to ALL Houston Apartments
  • Assistance from a licensed realtor
  • We have access to specials
  • Super fast response time